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Whether you’re just getting used to your new Hyundai model, or you’re keeping an older one on the road, regular maintenance is an important part of keeping it going strong. The expert Hyundai certified technicians at Wayne Automall Hyundai want to help. By offering a variety of services and employing expert mechanics, we can help you keep your Hyundai on the road for years to come.


Ask About Our Many Hyundai Service Options

Hyundai produces a wide range of different vehicles. The Accent, Elantra, Kona, Tucson, and Sonata represent some of the company's models. These different vehicles have something in common: they all require routine maintenance and care. The service department at Wayne Automall Hyundai assists with a variety of maintenance requests. Our team knows Hyundai vehicles, which owners may find valuable.

Why Routine Maintenance Matters

Living in the northeast isn't easy, and our cars feel the same harsh conditions that we do. Between the scorching heat of summer, frigid chill of winter, and the harsh road conditions that come from months of salt and moisture, our changeable conditions do a number on your vehicle. Proper maintenance is the key to making sure that those conditions don't cause problems by keeping you ahead of potential trouble rather than always reacting to it.

Even if we weren't in the northeast though, every vehicle requires routine maintenance to keep things working properly. Whether it's oil changes to lubricate your engine, alignment services for a smooth and confident ride, or brake services to ensure you can stop with confidences, these parts all require attention no matter where you live.

The services at Wayne Hyundai include:

  • Oil Changes
  • General Diagnostics and Repair Work
  • Alignment and Tire Services
  • Battery Testing and Replacement
  • Brake Service and Repair
  • And more!

Oil Changes

Oil keeps an engine lubricated and helps preserve components. When engine oil reaches a certain mileage or age point, it can't do its job well. Today, the average vehicle requires an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Review your Hyundai owner's manual for detailed information on the recommended oil change suggestion. Also, be aware that oil loses a lot of viscosity at the six-month mark. Even if you don't put a lot of miles on your car per year, don't let more than six months go past without changing the oil.

An oil change allows our team a chance to drain the engine and put in new oil while switching the air filter. The team could even clean the engine if it amassed sludge from old oil. A thorough internal engine cleaning could improve performance.

And a technician can recommend a specific type of oil better suited for your Hyundai, too. Conventional oil is standard, but there are other choices. Full synthetic and synthetic blend are options. Do you have a lot of miles on your Hyundai? Maybe you should go with high-mileage oil. Hyundai vehicles do last a long time, and switching up the oil after putting many miles on the vehicle could be a smart maintenance step. If you aren't sure what kind of oil to use, please ask one of our technicians in Wayne for a recommendation.

Also, if you want your engine cleaned, consider doing the same with the fuel injectors. Dirty fuel injectors undermine performance and can cause issues with fuel economy. We can clean the injectors with no trouble.

Battery Service

Batteries die out from age, and there are external factors that can hamper capacity. Expect a car battery to last about three years, but don't rule out a possible shortened lifespan. Temperature and other factors could cut down on the lifespan.

A technician can check the voltage to see if the battery is in good shape. If it isn't or is aging out, you can buy a new one here. Someone will help you choose an appropriate replacement battery and then install it.

Purchase a battery produced by a top-name manufacturer. Through our dealership, you can buy a high-performance battery, one that greatly extends performance capabilities. Why find yourself dealing with unnecessary problems when an excellent new battery could provide reliability and necessary performance?

Feel confident that the battery undergoes the proper installation process. The team members routinely install new batteries into Hyundai models. They know what they are doing, and you'll be surprised at their efficiency and speed.

Battery service can also address issues with the cable terminal and battery tray. Corrosion could be a problem, and a technician could clean things up.

Brake Service

Staying on top of your brakes' condition is vital for safety. Use slowly degrades the brakes, and they require either repair or replacement work. One of our staff can perform a thorough brake inspection to make sure you know the current condition of the brakes. Many drivers opt for a visual brake inspection during an oil change but don't always rely on such a cursory examination. A full brake inspection allows the team a chance to look at the entire system to see what requires work.

Parts that could require work may include the pads, rotors, calipers, and drums. Repair or resurfacing work might be enough, depending on the part and the problem. Replacement work, however, might be required.

Checking the brake fluid level is another critical step for safety and care. Moisture can lead to brake lines suffering from spreading rust. The corrosion can lead to leaks and may even cause the lines to snap. You certainly don't want to lose your brake fluid when driving. We can check out the lines and replace them if necessary. Even if the lines are in good shape, a brake fluid exchange is possible.

Wheel Alignments

The manufacturer sets specific angles on the wheels, which then correspond to the tires' angles. When all the angles are in the proper position, then the wheels are effectively aligned. Performance issues can then occur, as the vehicle might not drive perfectly straight. The vehicle might even pull in one direction or another. The steering may not stay straight, either. Performance, handling, and safety may become compromised when wheels suffer from misalignments.

Poor alignment is not a good thing for the tires. Alignment issues can wear down the tires and shorten their lifespan. That means you have to replace them sooner rather than later. Also, worn tires present safety concerns. Low treads lose traction.

It doesn't take much to knock a wheel out of alignment. Hitting a bump in the road or tapping the curb can do it. Thankfully, it is not tough to fix minor alignment issues.

In our service department, we have a special tool to measure the wheels' angles. A team member can measure your Hyundai's angles and then cross-reference the present angle with the manufacturer's specifications. If something is not right, a proper adjustment takes place to restore the original configuration.

Tire Service

A Hyundai's tires eventually suffer from tread wear and age-related cracks. Ask the technician to check your tires when you come in for an oil change. Every six months, it is a good idea to perform a tire rotation. This way, you can reduce uneven wear on the tires while giving the technician a chance to perform a thorough tire inspection. Tire rotation work and brake inspection often go together, so it is a good plan to book both.

If you need new tires, we'll find the best ones for your wants and budget. You can order high-performance tires from a multitude of different manufacturers. And don't worry about the installation. The service department can handle all related mounting and balancing work, too.

The seasons in Bloomfield do change, so maybe you want to switch out one set of tires for another set better for the upcoming weather. Again, we can help you choose the right tires and handle the installation work.

Full-Service Care

The service department can address other repair and maintenance issues. If you want your Hyundai running smoothly, let us know how we can help.

Your Hyundai's coolant, power steering, transmission, and differential fluid require care. The team can exchange older fluid with no troubles, while also checking for leaks or other problems.

Belts, hoses, lights, mirrors, and more require checks. Ask about these services, and more.

Why Choose Wayne Hyundai?

On top of our Hyundai certified technicians, our Hyundai service center in South Wayne uses only genuine Hyundai parts to repair your vehicle. That means parts that not only conform to the original specifications, but will offer the same reliability and performance you're familiar with.

Schedule an Appointment Right Away

No matter what type of service your Hyundai requires, our service department can handle the request. Call our offices and schedule an appointment. We'll help set you up at a convenient time. And ask about our specials.

If you're in Jersey City or Paramus, NJ, our dealership wants to be your one-stop service shop for all your Hyundai's needs. Stop by Wayne Automall Hyundai to learn more.

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