Drive Around Town: 5 Favorite Local Attractions Near Wayne, NJ

June 24th, 2022 by

Looking for something to do this weekend in Wayne, NJ? Luckily, there are plenty of exciting attractions in the area that are enjoyable for the entire family. So, get everyone in the Hyundai and set out for a day of fun at one of these great local attractions. Let’s go!

Drive Around Town: 5 Favorite Local Attractions Near Wayne, NJ

1. Ice Vault

Whether you’re a pro figure skater or an amateur hockey fan, there’s no better place in Wayne to strap on a pair of skates and hit the ice is Ice Vault Skating Arena. Two rinks operate year round, so even in the hottest summer months you can cool off and skate. Ice Vault offers skate rentals and hosts recreation hockey leagues, public skating, figure skating classes, open hockey, and many other programs for everyone to enjoy!

2. Willowbrook Golf Center

Put on a polo and strap on your gloves, and get ready to relax and enjoy the outdoors at Willowbrook Golf Center. At Willowbrook, there are golf facilities for both beginners and seasoned golf veterans alike. If you want to practice your long game, visit the driving range and see how far you can drive the ball. If you come with the little ones, stroll through the 18-hole miniature golf course and watch them smile!

3. American Labor Museum

The American Labor Museum celebrates our nations tradition of hard work and determination through its powerful exhibits and engaging events held throughout the year. Housed in a historic home built in 1908 by immigrants to New Jersey, the museum features historic photos that depict working conditions of farms and factories from the last two hundred years, as well as picket signs used in landmark protests and other items documenting the process of unionizing and improving labor rights in the United States.

4. The Wayne Museum

The Wayne Museum, which is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, is a great place to learn more about the history of Wayne and its many influential inhabitants throughout the years. Visitors to the historic home can peruse antiques and items that give a glimpse into the past, and they can also enjoy some of the museums many events held throughout the year. One of our favorites is Shakespeare in the Park, and to relax we like to take part in Yoga in the Park!

5. Dey Mansion

The Dey Mansion was built in 1770 and served as the home of Theunis and Hester Dey, as well as their family. But Dey Mansion entered the history books from July to November of 1780 when it served as the battlefield headquarters of none other than George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Theunis Dey himself became a close friend and comrade of George Washington’s, and played a pivotal role in Washington’s campaign against the British. Come see a piece of American History!

To make sure you and your loved ones get to each of these great attractions safely, make sure you’re driving a car with an excellent safety rating like the 2022 Hyundai Sonata. Come check one out today at Wayne Hyundai!

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