Does Your Hyundai Need a Radiator Repair?

April 1st, 2022 by

Your radiator is a key part of your engine, as its purpose is to reduce the temperature in the engine. It acts as a heat exchange by transferring the heat from the engine to the outside air. If the radiator fails, it will cause your engine to overheat and damage critical components. To prevent this potential damage, and to keep your car working efficiently these are signs from your Hyundai dealer that you need a radiator repair.

Do You Need a Radiator Repair? Your Hyundai Dealer can Help

Worn Radiator Hoses

Your radiator is connected to the cooling system by two hoses, one brings hot coolant into the engine ad the other removes coolant cooled by the radiator. These rubber hoses are very strong, and they’re engineered to withstand the high pressure and the constant flow of hot coolant. Rubber can eventually dry out and become less supple, and if this happens one or both of the hoses can crack and develop leaks.

If a hose starts to leak, coolant will be lost and coolant loss will reduce the pressure in the system and increase the temperature in the engine. We automatically check the state of the hoses as part of your scheduled service, and we also check the rest of the cooling system for signs of wear.

Damaged Radiator Cap

The radiator cap has two important functions, it controls the pressure in the cooling system and prevents coolant from escaping. If the pressure in the system goes too high, the cap will open slightly to vent some of the pressure. Once the pressure in the cooling system has returned to normal, the cap will close again. An increase in pressure can occur normally if your engine is working harder than usual, for example, you’re driving uphill and your car is towing a heavy trailer.

If the seal around the cap suffers damage, coolant and pressure can leak out. One of the signs of a faulty radiator cap is white streaks around the outside of the area around the cap. These marks are caused by a small leak that allowed coolant out but the coolant burnt up in the engine’s heat.

Damaged Thermostat

The thermostat controls the release of coolant to reduce your engine’s temperature. When the engine temperature reaches a pre-set point, the thermostat opens and releases coolant. As soon as the engine temperature reduces to the pre-set point, the thermostat closes and the coolant flows back into its tank. A thermostat is a very simple part, but if it fails it jams open or closed.

By jamming, the flow of coolant is either cut off or it will flow continuously. Either situation will cause problems for your engine, and the thermostat will need to be replaced.

If your radiator seems to be failing, call us right away at Wayne Hyundai. Our highly-skilled technicians will examine your radiator and cooling system and pinpoint the cause of the problem. We’ll swiftly repair any damage with new OEM components.

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