Blue Link is about fun and it's about safety. Location sharing and hands-free texting lets you stay in touch with your friends while traffic updates help you find the best way to get to where you are going. You can also remotely lock your car, start your engine* and if you've lost your car in the parking lot, you can even flicker the lights and honk the horn. Most importantly, and most impressively, the Blue Link SOS Emergency Assistance service can detect when you have been in a collision, locate your position and send the help you need.

Every generation of automobiles offers technological breakthroughs that change everything about the industry. Over the past hundred years, vehicles have continually gotten faster, safer, more efficient and more reliable.

With Hyundai's introduction of Blue Link™, technology has finally been aimed towards a newer, singular, more personally relevant goal:

making your everyday life easier.

By allowing you to connect to Blue Link through any or all of three different methods -- Smartphone, In-Car, or Web Applications -- Blue Link technology enables and empowers you in whatever way is easiest for you.

For example, a Blue Link-enabled vehicle is so technologically advanced, it not only knows exactly where you are and where you're going, but also knows every shortcut and point of interest in the area. On the way, Blue Link identifies gas stations and what they're charging; it locates restaurants and what people think of the food. Should any mechanical issue arise, Blue Link not only self-diagnoses the problem, but can even make the appointment to correct it. And in the unfortunate event of an accident, Blue Link instantly knows who to call for help.

Coupled with the Hyundai Assurance program ? featuring America's best warranty, roadside assistance, and trade-in value guarantee program ? and with dozens of other similarly beneficial built-in features, Blue Link keeps drivers protected and provided for better than any program in automotive history.

See how all the benefits of Blue Link can work for you by reading a list of Blue Link features and descriptions, and the available packages that make enjoying them easy, eco-friendly and economical.