The Safety Technology in the Hyundai Accent

If you are in the market for a smaller vehicle that makes great gas mileage, you need to check out the Hyundai Accent. This little car has room for four adults, and it provides a comfortable ride. The Accent comes with Hyundai's 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Some of the best-selling points for the Hyundai Accent are the vehicle's safety features. The Accent is equipped with a rear-view camera. This camera allows you to see what is behind you before you back up out of parking or before you back down your driveway. The Hyundai Accent also features collision avoidance technology. This system's sensors scans for objects in front of the vehicle. If something is detected, the brakes will be applied.

For more information on the Accent come to Wayne Hyundai located in Wayne, NJ. Test drive the Hyundai Accent, and learn why this is such a popular and economical vehicle.

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