7 Reasons to Get a Tire Rotation for Your Hyundai

February 11th, 2022 by

Rotating your tires is an important preventative maintenance service. Taking care of your tires ensures you get the most out of them, saving you money on fuel costs and getting you to your destination safely. Here are 7 of the top reasons to get a tire rotation at your Hyundai dealer.

7 Reasons to Get a Tire Rotation At Your Hyundai Dealer

1. Longer Tire Life

Rotating your tires involves moving them from one position to another on your vehicle. Positioning your tires in different areas helps them wear more evenly, which means they last longer. Regular rotations will significantly increase the life of your tires.

2. Better Gas Mileage

A balanced wheel will help improve your gas mileage because it allows the engine to work less to move your vehicle. Rotating your tires along with proper inflation saves money.

3. Improved Handling

Rotating your tires ensures that the same tire isn’t always working to create traction. By rotating different tires, you can ensure each one has a chance to provide grip and improve the way your vehicle maneuvers. This means better control on those long drives and those quick turns on mountain roads.

4. Reduce Uneven Wear

Uneven tire wear is a common issue for many drivers. Over time, your tires will begin to wear down in places that aren’t on the tire treads. This means more work for the tire on that side of the car. Rotations help ensure every section of the tire gets an equal amount of use, reducing the amount of stress on any part of the vehicle.

5. Rotations Are Inexpensive

A scheduled rotation at the dealer doesn’t cost very much money and might even have coupons or promotions. It adds a small amount to the price of your oil change or another service, but it’s worth it in the long run.

6. Tires Are Inspected

Rotating your tires is an excellent way to check for other problems. While you’re having your tires rotated, the technician will also check your tires for other issues. Your service appointment includes checking the air pressure, looking for bald spots, and inspecting the treads. If any problems are found, we can fix them before they become bigger issues.

7. Improved Safety

Rotating your tires regularly helps ensure they are in good condition and performing as they should. Tire wear reduces your ability to control your vehicle during hazardous weather, which increases the risk of an accident. Balding tires can cause hydroplaning, which is when tires lose contact with the road and skid. While hydroplaning can happen on dry roads, it’s more likely during or after rain.

Rotations can also help reduce the risk of heat buildup in your tires. Overheated tires can cause blowouts and other safety issues on the road.

Rotating your tires is a sure-fire way to improve overall safety and keep your tires in great shape. Rotating your tires regularly will save you money on gas and improve performance. Contact Wayne Hyundai for a service appointment.

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