5 Engine Problems You Should Always Fix at Your Hyundai Dealer

April 26th, 2022 by

The engine is the heart of your car, so you know you have to take good care of it. Whenever you suspect there’s an issue under the hood, you need to lose no time and bring your car to a Hyundai dealer to make things right. Here are the five engine problems you need to pay attention to.

5 Engine Problems You Should Always Fix at Your Hyundai Dealer

1. The Engine Doesn’t Start

This issue is one of the worst a car owner can face. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have a dead battery. Unfortunately, things can only worsen from there: you may have to replace your starter or ignition switch when the engine doesn’t work.

2. The Engine Makes Strange Noises

Weird noises or vibrations coming from under the hood are far from a good sign. Either one usually means something is missing or broken inside your engine. Strange engine noise could result from something minor, like a bad sensor. It can also be due to something major, like a worn-out belt, which could lead to engine failure.

3. The Engine Is Overheating

Are things getting a little too hot for your engine to handle? You need to head over to your dealership right now. Your engine overheats as a result of parts malfunctioning, but the problem doesn’t stop there. Other once healthy parts of your engine will overheat too and break down. Eventually, your entire engine shuts down. Something simple as having a low coolant level could lead to catastrophic engine failure if you overlook it long enough.

4. The Engine Revs More Than Usual

Every car lover cannot help but smile when they hear engines roar. Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing, though. You need to worry when your engine revs more than usual for typical tasks. An engine revving a little too much means your car is burning through fuel because there’s something wrong under the hood. This issue could have many reasons, like a malfunctioning fuel filter.

5. The Engine Is Releasing Smoke

Do you see smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe? It doesn’t matter if it’s white, blue, or black because smoke is always a bad sign. Your car could have a broken head gasket (which causes white smoke), a damaged piston ring (which causes blue smoke), or a worn-out catalytic converter (which causes black smoke). If you see smoke, it’s time to visit your dealership.

Are you having engine trouble? Bring your car to Wayne Hyundai today, and we’ll take a look at it. We’ll fix whatever is going on in your engine, so you can get back behind the wheel the way you want to.

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