3 Favorite Local Bakeries in and Around Wayne, NJ

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Wayne, NJ is home to a wide variety of incredible bakeries, but three stand out thanks to their delicious baked goods, quality ingredients, and service with a smile. From morning croissants to nighttime desserts, these spots have got it all. Keep reading to discover which places we picked.

3 Favorite Local Bakeries in and Around Wayne, NJ

1. Sook Pastry

Sook Pastry has mastered the art of delectable pastries, savory breakfasts, and sweet treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Stop by in the morning to try one of their breakfast pastries including chocolate almond croissants, golden raisin scones, apricot danishes, apple turnovers, and slices of raspberry brioche bread. If you prefer a savory pastry, go with either a ham and cheese croissant or a cheese danish with capers.

Crepes at Sook Pastry are always homemade, and choices range from savory specialties such as the bacon, egg, and cheese crepe to sweet delights such as the apple cinnamon crepe with chocolate chips. An individual tart is the perfect lunchtime treat to perk up your afternoon, and flavors include lemon, pear, and peach. Wow the guests at your next event by purchasing a specialty cake such as the Lincoln cake with coffee cream and chocolate ganache.

2. Palazzone 1960

Palazzone 1960 has specialized in traditional Italian pastries, incredible coffee drinks, and delectable desserts since it first opened in 1960. Pair your apricot or custard croissant with an Amalfi espresso beverage made with hazelnut sauce, hazelnut chips, and whipped cream. Alternatively, we also enjoy the Sfoglia pastries with ricotta and dried orange slices as well as the Pasticciotto shortbreads with black cherries and custard cream.

A mini dessert from Palazzone 1960 is sure to brighten your day, and we particularly enjoy the cream puffs with pistachio cream, the baba sponge cake with rum, and the tiramisu with cocoa powder on top. Make your birthday party an occasion to remember by ordering a handmade cake such as the Nocciola cake with roasted hazelnut mascarpone cream or the ricotta and pear cake made from layers of shortbread.

3. Gencarelli’s Bakery

Gencarelli’s Bakery is a family-owned restaurant that offers a wide menu, freshly baked pastries, and the perfect cakes for your next big event. Swing by in the morning before work to grab a sweet treat such as a pecan ring, apple turnover, cinnamon swirl, or lemon coconut bun. Alternatively, we also enjoy the jelly donuts topped with powdered sugar, the chocolate spice muffins, and the blueberry cheese rings with drizzled icing.
Pastries at Gencarelli’s Bakery are made fresh daily, and our favorites include the raspberry almond tarts, the vanilla eclairs, and the Portuguese custard tarts. Pies are also a delicious treat, and our top recommendations range from the French apple pie with raisins to the lemon meringue pie with a cherry on top. If cake is your thing, we know that you’ll love either the maple walnut buttercream cake or the truffle cake with dark chocolate ganache on top.

No matter which of these places you decide to swing by first, we know that you’ll love every bite of whatever you end up ordering. After savoring your treat, visit Wayne Hyundai to find the car of your dreams!

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