3 Benefits of Getting Car Financing at Your Wayne Hyundai Dealer

May 27th, 2022 by

You’ve been eyeing the sleek and spacious 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 SE for a while, and now you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy it. This beautiful vehicle is in your head, now you have to find the way to get it parked on your drive. As your Hyundai dealer, we understand just how you feel. These are some of the benefits of arranging your car financing with us.

3 Benefits of Getting Car Financing Through Your Hyundai Dealer

It Improves Your Credit

Perhaps this is your first big purchase, and you haven’t built a credit score yet, or maybe you need to rebuild your credit. We understand this, and our highly-experienced finance team is here to help. Our finance team will discuss all the options with you, and we can arrange the perfect deal for you at affordable rates. By tailoring a deal with great monthly repayments, you’ll be able to build or rebuild your credit through easy, timely payments.

We also offer a range of discounts and great promotions that will make the deal even better. It can also be possible to renegotiate the interest and other terms. Don’t be deterred if your credit score could use a little work. Come in and see our experts, and we’ll sit down together and arrange the best way to get you and your new car together.

You Get Access to a Pool of Lenders

If you finance your car through us, you get access to a vast pool of lenders across the country. We have been in business a long time, and we’ve built excellent connections with numerous banks and other lending institutions. Our finance team is also available to negotiate the best possible rates and terms with these institutions. All this combines to give you access to the best deals available.

If you were to approach these financial institutions yourself, these connections wouldn’t be available. By using our relationships with these institutions, we can organize much better terms than a regular lender can when approaching them for the first time.

It’s Fast and Convenient

Life is very rushed these days, and time is always in short supply. When you arrange financing through us, you save time. Our finance team is fast and efficient and will take the hassle away from you. If you approach a bank or other lending institution directly, you have to contact and then wait for them to get back to you. The process can seem to take forever.

Our finance team sees things differently. We know that you want a car and why you want a car. Our goal is to find the easiest and best deal that will bring you to that goal. While you’re enjoying a coffee and thinking about your soon-to-be IONIQ, our finance experts are on the phone and email negotiating the best available deal for you.

These are just a sample of reasons to choose us for financing your new car. Come in and see us at Wayne Hyundai to discuss even more options.

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